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A(nother) Look Inside - 10 years on

10 years ago my album “A Look Inside” was released in Australia. They say albums are a little like children, so I’m not sure I should have a favorite! But if I did, this would be the one.

When it came time to start recording this album I had one main focus - to involve the best people I could possibly find and pursue excellence in the playing and recording.

By the time we had finished, no expense had been spared and every note squeezed out was the best we could possibly offer, made only all the more sweet for how far and wide these songs would eventually travel…

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How do you solve a problem like…?

“The Sound of Music”. Every year it came on television about the same time. Up until the third year it was shown, I honestly believed that a movie on TV was played only once. You had one shot, one opportunity to see it, and if you missed it, well… you could always rent it on VHS (remember VHS?).

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My Top 5 Vinyl Purchases of 2013

The new year has well & truly begun!

Before it gets too far along, I am going to keep with tradition and share my top 5 vinyl purchases from 2013.

And maybe even introducing you to some great music you might have missed throughout the year! Here goes…

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